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Preparation of Gender Agenda for Rural Development – Osijek, Croatia

Workshop – June 25, 2013 – Osijek, Croatia 

Members of AL-GARD Network participated in the Regional Workshop on the preparation of the Gender Agenda for Rural Development, held on 25 July 2013 in Osijek, Croatia.

The objectives of the workshop were:  

  • Sharing of experiences among national GARD networks on the implemented project activities and results achieved from November 2011 to July 2013 in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
  • Sharing of experiences and presenting the results of research on the situation of rural women in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
  • Defining Additional priorities and measures for GENDER AGENDA for RURAL DEVELOPMENT

There were 30 participants in total – 6 representatives of IDM-a, (Albania), 7 representatives of ACED (BiH) and 17 representatives from different NGOs and Institutions in Croatia.

During the 1st part of the workshop – a summary of the activities undertaken up to date in Albania as well as the plan of GARD activities for the upcoming period was presented.

The Albanian team presented the findings of the research on the situation of rural women in Albania, an all inclusive process which will serve as a background for building the Gender Agenda for Rural Development.

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During the 2nd part, Albanian GARD network members participated in 4 working groups, by providing the Albanian experience and perspective, on the following topics:

  • WG 1 – GARD Agenda in RH, BIH, ALBANIA (problems, measures for the solution, key stakeholders  who can contribute to solution)
  • WG 2 – GARD AGENDA- Advocacy and promotion of Agenda
  • WG 3 – Activities of the REGIONAL GARD NETWORK/ Rights and obligations of Regional GARD network
  • WG 4 – Sustainability and promotion of REGIONAL GARD NETWORK

The next Regional workshop with the participation of Regional GARD network members will be held in Tirana, in October 2013.