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Participatory Rural Development in Albania

Policy Forum – Tiranë – 21 December 2012

Institute for Democracy and Mediation, Department of Local Governance and Integrated Development organized the Policy Forum “Participatory Rural Development in Albania –The status-quo and future challenges” in the premises of Tirana International Hotel on 21 December. The activity was supported financially by OSI Think Tank Fund.IDM (LGID) aimed to introduce the policy brief on participatory rural development in the framework of addressing development challenges in Albania through research work.

The general objective of the policy brief was to critically analyze the European and Albanian dimension of participatory rural development, discuss the main challenges and pave the path to a series of actions for the Albanian decision-makers.

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IDM is attempting to influence decision making on participatory rural development through the rural network establishment.

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Directors and experts from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, other line ministries, representatives of public development agencies, civil society stakeholders and donor community members participated in this activity.

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