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Panel debate: “Challenges to improve parliamentary review”

IDM Center for European & Security Affairs, for the second consecutive year, has analyzed the work of the Albanian Parliamentary Committees on European Integration (PCEI) and on National Security (PCNS) in 2012.

The monitoring has analyzed the performance of both parliamentary Committees by focusing particularly on the comprehensiveness of parliamentary scrutiny, proactive engagement of MPs, formal procedures, cooperation with the Executive, involvement of civil society and other non-state actors etc.

The main findings of the Monitoring, prepared by IDM experts, along with Annual Monitoring report, were discussed in the Panel Debate: “Challenges to Improve Parliamentary review”, organized on 23rd of January 2013, at the Hotel Tirana International premises.  

In this debate, participated the Head of Political Section (EU Delegation to Albania) Mr. Clive Rumbold, MPs, representatives of Ministry of European Integration, representatives of Integration Directorates in line Ministries, members of PCEI and PCNS and representatives from civil society.

Based on the findings of the monitoring process, the panelist expressed their gratitude towards IDM initiative and continuous endeavor for improving parliamentary review. A special attention was dedicated to the need to address the identified challenges and respective recommendations for increasing Committee’s quality of work.

The two Annual Monitoring Reports reveal concrete evidence and detailed information on the performance of each parliamentary committee, along with recommendations aiming to improve overall parliamentary scrutiny and transparency.

For more details on PCEI and PNCS activity for 2012, read the full reports.