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Interception of Telecommunication in Albania: Legislation and Practices

RoundtableTirana International Hotel / 25.06.2010

Centre for European and Security Affairs launched the policy paper “Interception of Telecomunication in Albania: Legislation and Practices”. The roundtable organized in the premises of Tirana International Hotel, was attended by representatives from the main institutions that are focused on the related issues such Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, National Inteligent Service, Ministry of Justice, Ombudsperson, independent experts, etc.

Arjan Dyrmishi, the senior researcher who prepared this study provided a short presentation of the main findings of this policy paper.

After the presantation the floor was opened for discussions and comments on the main issues surrounding the telecommunication interception in Albania such as the need for revision of the legal framework, better definition of the competences that each actor has, etc.

This research study and activity  was supported by Open Society Think Tank.