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IDM joined POINTPULSE network


IDM joined the regional network of civil society organizations POINTPULSE. In an advocacy

workshop 7-9 March 2016 in Belgrade the network organizations reiterated the importance of strengthening public confidence in law enforcement agencies in the Western Balkans through fighting police corruption and promoting police integrity of outmost importance for the Western Balkans communities. During three days of intense dialogue old and new members of the network discussed the plan for joint activities in the upcoming period. They singled out the potential new priorities for the network, such as monitoring the use of police powers and use of force, as well as the issue of border police capacities during the migrant crisis.

During the second day of the workshop, on the International Women’s Day, a panel discussion “Women in the Police“ was organized in the Belgrade Media Centre. Representatives of the POINTPULSE Network concluded that women in police throughout the region don’t have equal opportunities for career development, and that police women still face many prejudices at work.