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Guideline for Central Government Institutions on R&R

November 2021 – The guideline, designed to support the rehabilitation and reintegration (R&R) processes for returning people from conflict zones, aims to provide guidance on sensitive issues related to addressing violent extremism; as well as providing insights on non-violent CVE approaches to combating terrorism, including preventive, intervention and R&R programmes.

This guideline outlines practical steps for public administration employees of the line ministries and relevant dependency structures, in direct or indirect contact with foreign fighters and their families returning from conflict zones.

Click to download guideline in Albanian only.

This Guideline is designed in the context of the programme: “Sustainable community-based reintegration of Albanian nationals returning from Syria”.

This programme is implemented in Albania by the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) in collaboration with the CVE Coordination Center in Albania and in partnership with the Observatory for Children and Youth Rights and the Woman Center for Development and Culture Albania (WCDCA) with support from the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF).