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GARD Working Group gathers in Vlora

Working Group Meeting – 26 October 2012 – Vlora

The 2nd meeting of the Working Group in the frame of GARD Project was held in Vlora on October 26th , 2012.  The aim of the meeting was to introduce in details the GARD Project, to identify the proper methodology and the coordinating mechanisms as well as to identify the needs for capacity building for the members of the working group.

Participants were representatives from the Civil Society Organizations that have in their focus amongst others, the Empowerment of Women in Rural Development and representatives from the Government at Central and Local level.
The opening remarks were by Ms. Mirela Koci, Executive Director of AULEDA, a Civil Society Organization which is serving as a focal point to GARD project in south Albania.

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  Ms. Koci gave the floor to all the participants to introduce themselves and their organizations and to state their expectations from participating in GARD project.
Ms. Erisa Lame, GARD Project Manager introduced in details the GARD project, in terms of objectives, activities and estimated results.

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Representatives of the CSO’s stated that the establishment of partnerships within a network is a great advantage in fulfilling their work objectives, however, they also identified a number of challenges. Firstly they said that the motivation for being part of a network and the incentives should be clearly stated and promoted to all the members. Secondly, the mechanism of functioning should be clearly defined well prior to the establishment of the network. Thirdly, the organizations must show not only an interest in joining the network but they must have the necessary capacities to respond to the requirements of the network. Fourthly, the organizations must have and show a clear objective of their role and input when they will be members of the network.

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Some of the suggestions coming out of this meeting in terms of capacity building necessities are as follows:

  • Types of Networks according to the defined interest;
  • How to coordinate a network;
  • Benefits and threats of a network membership
  • Legal and Financial aspects of a Network;