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Enhancement of Cross-Border Cooperation in Regional Policies and Integrated Rural Development

Duration: 1 January, 2009 to  31 October, 2009
Project Description: 

Donor: Open Society Foundation Albania
Partner: European Movement in Albania

The project was a joint initiative of IDM and the European Movement in Albania. Its main goal was to promote cross-border cooperation for the elaboration and implementation of regional policies and integrated rural development, as an instrument for the socio-economic development  of border areas (Korça and Shkodra), as a pre-condition for the capacity building of locals structures in the frame of EU integration processes. A series of contacts and meetings organized by IDM and EMA has taken place in January 2009 with representatives of local structures (municipalities, communes, and regional councils), private institutions and interested civil society as well as the academia (public universities in Shkodra and Korca).

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Throughout 2009, a total of four regional forums in Korca and Shkodra and two training workshops have been carried out with representatives from the public and civic/private sectors and groups of interest directly or indirectly involved with regional and rural development. IDM and EMA have benefited from a very valuable cooperation with the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, who is the head of the department dealing with policies on rural development.

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The project was concluded with the publication of an informative brochure and assessment report on the opportunities and challenges for cross-border interactions in the view of regional and rural development and a special website.

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