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Empowering Women through Economic Clusters Development

Duration: 21 October 2013 – 30 May 2014
Project Description: 

Overall objective:

  • The overall objective of this proposal is to ensure economic advancement and self-employment opportunities for women, as well as to develop, diversify and promote one women economic cluster in Dibra region.


  1. Production of Comprehensive Guidelines for Women Economic Clusters Initiatives and publication in Albanian
  2. Develop one Pilot Women Economic Cluster
  3. Expand economic activity and create regional economic added value
  4. Increase Knowledge and Skills of Stakeholders: Develop and deliver trainings and know-how activities for stakeholders groups
  5. Publication of main achievements and the description of the  Women Economic Cluster and its formal launching

Target group:

  • Women collectors and processors of forests’ fruits
  • Suppliers of first inputs needed for the processing of cluster products;
  • Vendors of intermediate and final products;
  • Regional Directorate of Agriculture, National Authority of Food and extension services that will influence for transfer of knowhow and innovation;
  • Peshkopi branch of “Aleksander Moisiu” University as a crucial stakeholder for market research and economic impact of cluster initiatives into local development;
  • Communes of Melan and Tomin as local government institutions of the first level;
  • Agritra Vizion as a local NGO