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Empowering Women through Economic Cluster Development – National Conference

Tirana, 28 May 2014

Institute for Democracy and Mediation with the support of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Tirana (UN Women) organized the national conference “Empowering Women through Economic Cluster Building” on May 28, 2014 at Tirana International Hotel. This conference aimed to share the experience of IDM project in Dibra region and encourage the national debate on women’s empowerment through economic cluster development.

In his welcoming speech,  Mr. Sotiraq Hroni, Executive Director of IDM highlighted the importance of implementing the project on economic cluster in Dibra. It was emphasized that economic clusters constitute a pattern for women empowerment, partnership and support provided by local public institutions.  The presentation of Mr. David Saunders, UN Women Representative in Tirana,  was focused on the role of economic clusters in improving the lives of women in Albania.

IDM has spurred the creation of the economic cluster of women in the district of Dibra. The project aims at economic empowerment and advancement of self – employment opportunities for women, as well as the development, diversification and promotion of economic clusters and small enterprises and small medium enterprises (SMEs ) of women in the district of Dibra.

A group of 20 women entrepreneurs of small fruits, aromatic and medicinal herbs and processed fruits, located in the village of Begjunec ( Melan Commune ) and the village of Staravec ( Commune of  Tomin ) of Dibra, were supported by this intervention. They established the Agricultural Cooperative Association “Staraveci Products ” and  contributed to the design of the Strategic and Business Plan of the Cluster. Cluster members have identified the multifunctional warehouse as the best option of doing business . IDM is helping to improve and consolidate their business profile as a means to enhance economic and social position of women in Dibra.

This intervention serves as a model for different areas of the country and similar initiatives.


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