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Consultative Forum: “Support Anti-Corruption measures in Albania” in Durres

dr-osce-1On 14th of October 2016, in Durres, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation organized a consultative forum in the framework of the project “Support Anti-Corruption measures in Albania” supported by the Presence of OSCE in Albania.

The forum hosted actors from civil societies, business community and the contact point of the National Coordinator against Corruption (NCAC), aiming to discuss the implementation of the anti-corruption measures and their monitoring from business and civil society perspective, the best practices as well as corruption complaints and the reporting procedures.dr-osce4

During the discussions, these actors expressed their concerns regarding the level of corruption in Albania and delivered their recommendations how to reduce corruption in the future. In particular, they expressed concerns about;

–          Laws abundance that often conflict each-other and therefore restrict freedom and damage transparency

–          Unnecessity of a growing public administration

–          Unpunished corruption practices

dr-osceIn addition, the participants suggested;

–          To build a culture for anti-corruption that requires a greater participation of civil societies and a limited governmental influence

–          The need to increase the focus on youth education in order to better teach them their civic rights and obligations and communicate the worth of voluntarism

–          To increase the public administration qualifications

–          Introduce broader digitization and expand online services