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Building Police Integrity in Albania

Department: CESAUntitled

When: July 2013 – December 2014

Donor: MATRA Program, Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania

Police corruption and poor integrity of the service has become a serious concern with immediate implications on the safety of citizens and respect for human rights, institutional performance on crime prevention and reduction, and ultimately on the rule of law implementation in the country. In order to adopt effective anticorruption and adequate integrity building measures it is compulsory to have the necessary knowledge and evidence about the factors that drive corruption as well as the levels and forms of corruption.

This project aims to deliver outputs specifically tailored for the Albanian State Police (ASP) within a framework of sustainable anti-corruption policies and integrity building tools.

IDM will produce a comprehensive assessment of police corruption in Albania to be used as a strategic resource for adopting adequate anti-corruption and integrity-building tools.

The initiative aims to strengthen fight against corruption by addressing the evidence gap on the phenomenon in the State Police and improving legal mechanisms, policy measures and building integrity of police service. The project will lead to the improvement of Albanian State Police’s response to the corruption phenomenon in the service through context-specific measures that will be generated to strengthen police integrity and approach to anti-corruption efforts.