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Brochure | Beyond the school boundaries: a community development perspective to build resilience | May 2019


“School as a community center” is an important instrument in strengthening local communities. This model aims to transform the school into the place where partnerships between local government-school-family-community are built, as an environment that is in service and in interaction with the community; which contributes to youth development and civic engagement; supports families and community development with respect to local safety and their commitment to decision-making and the strengthening of local democracy.

In this context, with the support of the US Embassy,  IDM has been piloting the project “Advancing school boundaries towards resilient communities” in the municipalities of Cërrik and Peqin.

“Tomorr Sinani” and “Zihni Magani” high schools in these municipalities have embarked on the road to develop self-sustained models serving as communitive centers. Based on shared responsibilities and cooperation among education institutions, local government and law enforcement institutions local partnerships have developed including civil society, youth and community leaders.

This brochure shares local stakeholders’ experience and lessons learned from this initiative. This will help consolidate the work in this municipalities and motivate similar actors from other municipalities build on this model.

Click to download the brochure. (Albanian language only)