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An Assessment of Community Policing in Albania 2007-2015

community police picAn Assessment of Community Policing in Albania 2007-2015

Nine years since the adoption of the Law and Strategy, and upon approval of the new police strategy (2015-2020), no independent assessment has been made on how the Albanian State Police and Local Government Institutions have performed in an effort to establish consolidated and mutual cooperation, how the problems and concerns of the local communities have been institutionally fed into the policing system, how effective the selected mechanisms have been in strengthening this cooperation, to what extent this collaboration has worked, and what major problems have hindered the process.

This study seeks to contribute to the efforts of appraising the implementation of Community Policing in Albania.

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It focuses on both the evaluation of the processes of interaction of the Albanian State Police and Local Government Institutions as well as the outcome of this interaction, namely the Yearly Regional Police Strategies.

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Both processes and outputs are examined in terms quantity and quality.

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Click here to download the English and Albanian version of the study.