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Albania Security Reform Index 2013

Duration: Friday, 1 February, 2013 to Tuesday, 8 April, 2014
Project Description: 

Donor: Balkan Trust for Democracy

This research project aims to support security sector reforms through establishing an assessment tool for measuring government performance in different fields of observation. Conducting an evidence based independent assessment is therefore necessary, not least to address the “public-monitoring-gap”, but particularly to promote and support reforms that are aimed at the consolidation of democratic governance of security sector.

The proposed periodic assessment will provide a referenced monitoring and evaluating (M&E) tool for the security sector based on a consolidated methodology and grading system tested in previous regional projects. The Assessment Report “Monitoring and Evaluation of the Security Sector Governance in Albania” is composed of six policy papers analyzing the six criteria: General Transparency, Executive Control, Parliamentary Control, Judicial Oversight, Financial Transparency and Gender and Minorities Representativeness.

The overall purpose of this initiative is to strengthen democratic governance of security sector institutions. IDM will approach this goal by focusing on the subsequent specific objectives:

  • To improve accountability, transparency and oversight mechanisms of security sector institutions and affect the security sector governance and decision-making through direct recommendations.
  • To increase the role and involvement of civil society and high quality inputs by non-state actors contributing to improved oversight and impactful reforms to the benefit of security sector and society at large.