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Albania en route to Europe 2020: Let’s talk about it!

Policy Papers Series

9 October 2014

IDM’s Research and development Center, which aims to generate the necessary expertise to promote development through research, evidence-based policy- making and advocacy, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), launched at an open roundtable, a series of policy documents “Albania en route to Europa 2020!: let’s talk about it!”. This publication is the result of a broad consultation process, presenting concrete recommendations for increasing the coherence of the Albanian policies in line with the objectives of the EU in 2020, in three main areas: Employment/Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research and Innovation.

The purpose of this roundtable was to encourage public discourse as well as to introduce a set of recommendations for the drafting of sustainable and European Union well- oriented policies.In June 2010, the European Union introduced a new Europe 2020 strategy for jobs and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Western Balkans preparations for future membership suggest that domestic policy goals and implementation methods of Europe 2020 are equally valid to enlargement countries, thus the EU Commission urges these countries to adopt Europe 2020 to guide their socio-economic development. Albania is moving slowly but surely on its way towards membership in the European Union.

Albania is walking slowly, but with confidence on its way towards European Union membership. The candidate status led to a closer attention of policymakers on the importance and challenge of undertaking reforms for sustainable development. Promotions of sustainable economic development, employment growth, social inclusion, environment protection, etc., are some of the “hot potatoes” in the national political discourse. Within the context of global interdependence and work alongside with the European Union, Albania should think and act strategically to contextualize its actions.

Although major reforms and sector strategies in the frame of Albania 2014-2020 are being finalized, concrete policies in specific areas (namely employment, social inclusion, environment, education, innovation, etc.) have to be drafted and adopted. In this regard, the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy stand as a reference framework to guide concrete policies that will bring sustainable and smart growth in Albania.

Download the full publication here

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