Sheila Hafizi 

Sheila Hafizi is a project assistant focusing on security issues, good governance and democracy. Sheila has helped IDM in projects such as “Governence Trust Poll” 2018. Her interests ate focused in security and anti-corruptions area. Before joining IDM, Sheila worked as an intern at Ministry of Foreing Affairs at Department …

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Alban Dafa

Alban Dafa joined the IDM team as researcher on governance and security. He had previously served in the Albanian Naval Force as a patrol boat commander, navigator, and junior hydrographer. During his time in the Albanian navy, he was engaged in NATO standardization programs and in self-initiated efforts to expand …

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Oops… EU did it again| March 2019

Oops… EU did it again Author: Gjergji Vurmo Civil society activists and the general public in the western Balkans (WB) have voiced their discontent regarding the rise of authoritarianism and state capture in the recent years. However, the European Union (EU), which plays an important role in the region, has …

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Newsletter| Integrity-Accountability-Partnership | February 2019

Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership”  This newsletter aims to inform on the experiences and to raise awareness, promote debate and influence the policy makers for more effective policies to strengthen integrity and fight against corruption in the State Police. Our, experience so far shows that the local institutions, namely the police, the municipality …

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