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Daniel Prroni

Project Coordinator/Researcher

Address: Shenasi Dishnica, Nd. 35, H. 1, 1017, Tirana, Albania

Daniel Prroni joined the IDM team as a researcher, mainly on the anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies.

He is engaged for several years in the civil society sector, working as a project coordinator in the human rights field. Daniel is also engaged in research activity in the context of the EU integration process and regional cooperation. He completed a Fellowship program at the Center for Policy Innovation, focused on public sector innovation, behavioral design and evidence-based policy-making.

Daniel studied Law at the University of Tirana and holds a LLM in European and International Law from KU Leuven and Universität Zürich.

Languages: Albanian (native); English (fluently); Italian (average); German (basic).


2021 Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index

European Engagement with the Western Balkans under the Berlin Process: analysing progress in 2020-2021