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Study Report: Assessing the experiences and potentials for the functioning of Local Public Safety Councils

Local Public Safety Councils are advisory mechanisms established in every local self-government unit with the aim of developing comprehensive policies on actions that contribute to increased public safety at the local level.

In the framework of the “Sustainable Community-Based Reintegration of Albanian Nationals Returning from Syria” Project supported by GCERF, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) conducted research to assess the experience and possibilities of LPSC operation. This research seeks to analyze the perceptions and experience of frontline practitioners and local stakeholders regarding the functioning and efficiency of the Local Public Safety Council as a mechanism designed to address public safety concerns at the local level. On the other hand, the research produces evidence-based data and recommendations, which can be used by local- and central-level policy makers to design a more comprehensive approach to the operation of the LPSCs.

The proper functioning of this mechanism within communities not only helps address conventional threats related to law enforcement and public safety but also further prevents other phenomena, such as radicalization and violent extremism.

Additionally, this mechanism contributes to prevent and fight crime, as well as the sustainable development of communities.

The proactive role of citizens in these mechanisms remains crucial in identifying and preventing criminal activities as well as enhancing public safety in local communities.

Download the short summary of study report.