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Study: Police Integrity and Corruption in Albania 2.0 | 2016

police-integrity-eng-picStudy: Police Integrity and Corruption in Albania 2.

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0 | 2016

This is the second research dedicated to addressing police corruption in Albania following the first study published in November 2014. The purpose for this study is to provide an overview of corruption and its dynamics in Albania during 2014-2016. Similar to the previous one, this study focuses in measuring the spread of corruption in the State Police, in assessing types of corruption and in analysis the causes that drive or control police corruption.

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It also seeks to serve as a milestone for subsequent comparative studies in the area of police corruption.

To read more click to download the Albanian  and English version of the study.

This study was conducted in the framework of the “Police Integrity Index” Project with the support of a grant of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded in the framework of Matra Rule of Law Program.

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The objectives, proper implementation and results of this project constitute responsibility for the implementing organization – the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. Any views or opinions presented in this project are solely those of the implementing organization and do not necessarily represent those of the Dutch Government.