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Tryezë e rrumbullakët: Ndërtimi i një perspektive kombëtare për parandalimin e krimit

Tryezë e rrumbullakët, 3 qershor 2008

Cesa-41 Cesa-42

The consolidation of security sector institutions and the improvement of security sector governance have frequently called for the attention of important civil actors, international partners and the general public at large. Taking into account the policy brief drawn up from the Center for Security Studies (February 2008) on the problematique of crime prevention and the current approach of Albanian institutions, IDM organized on 3rd June 2008 a round-table with high officials and experts on security related matters.

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The roundtable dedicated to “Building a national perspective on crime prevention” was intended to maintain the structure of free discussion which aimed to offer the experience and comments of the participants particularly on IDM legal initiative for a special legislative act on crime prevention.

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