Projektet IDM

Regional Hidden Economy Monitoring in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo

Lead Organization: Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM), Macedonia Organizations co-applicants: Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), Albania, Development for Democracy (D4D), Kosovo Duration: January, 2016 – July 2017 The goal of this project is to strengthen the capacity of the civil society and the public institutions in developing and …

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Building integrity in Albania’s security sector through strengthened financial oversight

IDM’s Center for European and Security Affairs (CESA) has started the implementation of a one year project “Building integrity in Albania’s security sector through strengthened financial oversight”. This initiative is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina and is designed to contribute to building integrity and reducing corruption …

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OpenALB: A government and civic partnership in fighting corruption and promoting good governance

Donor: US embassy Albania: Democracy Commission Small Grants Program Duration: 12 months Overall Objective The overall objective of OpenAlb is to foster inclusive, accountable and transparent governance and policy-making through enhanced civil society expertise and strengthened dialogue and structures for dialogue between civil society and government within the framework of …

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Elaboration of Local Development Operational Plans for newly established Local Government Units in Albania

Donor: UNDP Albania Duration: September 2015 – January 2016 UNDP Albania’s STAR project represents a mechanism for financial management of a multi-donor pooled fund managed by UNDP Albania in support to Albania’s administrative and territorial reform development and implementation. The project is implemented under the direct leadership of the Minister of …

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Përdorimi i Indikatorëve në Përmirësimin e Llogaridhënies dhe Promovimin e Konkurrencës Rajonale

Departmenti: RDC  Kohëzgjatja: 1 Qershor 2015 – 30 Nëntor 2015 Përshkrimi i Projektit:  Ky projekt zhvillohet në partneritet me organizatën Demokraci për Zhvillim (D4D) në Prishtinë, Instituti për Demokraci dhe Ndërmjetësim (IDM) në Tiranë, Fondi i Beogradit për Ekselencë Politike (BFPE), Qendra për Kërkim dhe Politikëbërje (CRPM) në Shkup, Qendra …

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