Rovena Sulstarova 

Rovena Sulstarova
 Governance Program Manager (PhD)

Rovena Sulstarova is the Manager of the Governance Program. Additionally, Rovena is IDM’s in-house legal expert that assists with legislation and judiciary-related projects.

Her work experiences include leading positions in public administration and educational institutions and in the management of donor financed projects and programs in the education field. She has held different senior positions in the public administration, including the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Education and Science. Rovena has been a member of the Administration Council of University of Tirana, and has lectured on law and education in public and private universities. She currently teaches education law and policies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Tirana.

Rovena holds a MSc in Law and a M.A in European Studies from the University of Tirana. She received her PhD in Education from the University of Tirana and she holds the title of attorney from the Albanian Bar Association.

Rovena is fluent in English and Italian, and speaks German at a basic level.

Selected publications:

  • Sulstarova, R. (2017) “Implementation of Bologna Process in Albania 2007-2015”, Mediterranean Journal of Social Science8 (5): 53-59.
  • Sulstarova, R. (2015) “The Legal Reform in Higher Education Facing the Exigencies of Albanian Society”, Social Studies6 (3): 75-82.
  • Aliaj, B. & Çadri, R. (Sulstarova) (2008). A Platform for Political Education in Albania [Një platformë për edukimin politik në Shqipëri]. Tirana: Afrojdit.