Reald Keta

Reald Keta 
Project Coordinator / Researcher

Reald Keta works as a project coordinator and researcher on governance, anti-corruption, electoral processes and political party finances. Mr. Keta holds a Master of Science in Law from the University of Tirana (2010). Since 2012, he has worked mainly in the NGO sector as a legal expert on electoral matters with KRIIK Albania and Coalition of Domestic Observers (CDO). His legal expertise has been focused on intellectual property rights as part of the Albanian Public Administration.

Throughout this experience, he has followed the ongoing electoral processes in Albania and abroad, including in Moldova and Ukraine. Additionally, Mr. Keta has been engaged in monitoring and analyzing institutional processes related to electoral processes, including the reforms of the electoral law framework, the process of decriminalization, and the efforts to reform the legal framework of referendums. In this regard, his areas of expertise are the monitoring of the electoral processes, the financial activity of political parties and electoral subjects, as well as issues with regards to Electoral Justice. Besides monitoring and analyzing these processes, Mr. Keta was involved in advocating efforts in different mediums to raise the public awareness on electoral processes.

Mr. Keta speaks Albanian, English, Italian, French, and Arabic.