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National PAR Monitor Albania 2019/2020

July 2021 – The National PAR Monitor Albania 2019/2020 report is part of the WeBER2.0 project, a regional effort to monitor the implementation of the public administration reform (PAR) in the Western Balkans.

The report presents the results of monitoring work performed during February 2020 – December 2020 by the IDM Albania research team.

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The methodological framework designed by the WeBER research team during the previous monitoring cycle (2017/2018) combines quantitative and qualitative sources of evidence.

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With the SIGMA principles as the building blocks of our monitoring work, this report seeks to highlight the civil society perspective on PAR implementation. It assesses mainly SIGMA principles and indicators that measure civil society and the wider public perceptions on key issues such as transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness in policymaking.

A total of 23 indicators are used to measure PAR developments in six areas: (1) strategic framework for PAR, (2) policy development and coordination, (3) public service and human resource management, (4) accountability, (5) service delivery, and (6) public finance management. For each of the areas, the report provides an assessment for each indicator, a summary of the findings, and recommendations for future action.

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The findings from this report and from the region for both monitoring cycles can be accessed at

Click to download the report in Albanian and English.