Jetnor Kasmi

Jetnor Kasmi
Project Manager

Jetnor Kasmi is a Project Manager working primarily on development policy and political economy. His interests include cultural conflict and security, migration and education policies, and participatory governance. Before joining the IDM team, Mr. Kasmi worked as a Specialist at the Directory of Integration, Coordination, Agreements, and Assistance at the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

He has extensive experience in working with the Albanian local and central level government, coordinating policy and providing capacity-building workshops for the community and the local government officials. In addition, Mr. Kasmi has worked for several international and national organizations such as Rotary Club and Amnesty International Club at Methodist University.

Mr. Kamsi has published a paper regarding the Romany rights in the Balkan region, and policy analysis regarding South Korean politics and its role in the middle-power diplomacy. Papers under publication include policy analysis regarding the Belt and Road Initiative in the Balkan Region and Community Perspectives on Services offered by the Government and NGO’s. He holds a Political Science degree with an emphasis on International Relations from Methodist University, NC, USA; and MA degree in Development Policy from KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea.

Languages: Mr. Kasmi is fluent in Albanian and English, speaks Italian and Spanish at an intermediate level and has a basic level of Korean.


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