Iliada Korçari

Iliada Korçari
Researcher/Project Coordinator


Iliada Korçari works as a researcher and project coordinator at the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, where she focusses on governance and area studies. Her main research interests are nationalism, statebuilding and modern and contemporary thought.

She has worked in the public administration cultural policy sector for several years; was engaged as freelance researcher in different research projects and has been teaching seminars of Nationalism and Identity at the University of Tirana, Department of Political Sciences, since 2015.

She has a double-major in Political Sciences and Public Relations and Communication and has graduated in Political Theory, MSc. and Russian and East European Studies, MSc., being a holder of many scholarships.

She is a proficient user of Albanian (native), English, Italian and Spanish, an independent user of French and basic user of German and Bulgarian.

Selected publications:

  • Korçari, I. 2010, Feb 10. Kosova si kampi ku gjendja e jashtëzakonshme është bërë e zakonshme [Kosova as the camp where the state of exception has become normal]. Gazeta 5(18), 4-5.
  • Korçari, I. 2009, Nov 18. Dimensioni spektakolar i politikës sot: Çështja “Marubi” [The spectacular dimension of politics now days: the Marubi Affair]. Gazeta (8), 14-15.
  • Korçari, I. 2007. A e zgjidhin kuotat çështjen e përfaqësimit? [Do quotas solve the question of representation?]. Gaja (3).