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IDM Annual Report 2019


This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. Starting as a relatively small organisation, IDM has grown to one of Albania’s leading think tanks focusing on governance, security, civil society development, and EU integration.

This year, we look back at the 20 years during which the Institute for Democracy and Mediation contributed to advancing democratic processes in Albania. Moreover, the report also features IDM’s main activities, research and finances and takes stock of the Institutes’ achievements and impact in 2019. During the year, we consolidated our efforts to draft and implemented the Risk Assessment Methodologies for police, municipalities, and the Ministry of Justice; expanded the School as Community Centre initiative; hosted a regional conference on Religion in Western Balkan Societies; organised several Policy Forums on EU integration; and promoted local consultation meetings between the Mayor, Prosecutor, and Police Chief.

Over the next few years, IDM will expand its ‘School as Community Center’ initiative with at least five more schools and continue to increase our efforts to strengthen democracy, rule of law and sustainable development through our transparency and accountability programmes.


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IDM Annual Report 2019

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