Eni Almeta

Eni Almeta
Finance Officer

Eni Almeta holds the position of Finance Officer at the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. She is responsible for the daily financial operations and for preparing internal financial reports, cost analysis, profit & loss statements, and other reports required. She coordinates the preparation and distribution of financial management and administrative information to specific projects and departments.

Before joining IDM, Eni worked as a Research & Development Specialist in the New Business Development Department at Creative Business Solutions, an Albanian NGO and business consulting firm. She has participated in the development of a wide scope of projects, assisting in the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data for research development purposes on topics such as regional economy, tourism, cultural and natural heritage, development of agriculture, etc. Furthermore, she has successfully organised and managed several meetings and events on behalf of various projects.

Eni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Epoka University and continues her Master of Science studies in Business Administration. During her studies, she has actively participated in different training curricula related to Finance and Business Development,  joined the University of Florida’s Computer Engineering Student Club to participate in the ‘Hacker Halted Atlanta, GA IT Security Training and Conference 2017’, and was a part of the Student Work & Travel program in USA, North Carolina, for three consecutive summers.