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Designing and Delivering Participatory Planning Trainings and Assisting Preparation of Roma/Egyptian Community Development Plans in the Regions of Korca, Berat and Vlora

Duration: Sunday, 1 September, 2013
Project Description: 

The proposed intervention aims to fulfil the services required by UNDP Albania, Supporting Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities (SSIREC) Project. IDM will be responsible for designing and delivering trainings to local authorities on participatory local planning and budgeting, tailored to address the specific needs of Roma and Egyptian communities and facilitate the preparation of the three-year Roma/Egyptian Community Development Plans in each of the selected regions (Korca, Berat and Vlora). IDM will research, document and prepare a consolidated participatory planning and community participation guidelines to be utilized by local authorities and Roma/Egyptian community counselling forums in the selected  regions.

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Specific Objectives

  • To prepare the workplan with the proposed activities in the regions of Korca, Berat and Vlora and to consult it with the Project Manager of the SSIREC Project
  • To review all existing legal, policy and methodological sources related to social inclusion of Roma and Egyptian communities (i.e. surveys, studies, reports, National Action Plan on Roma and respective legal framework)
  • To collect information on the existing initiatives related to:
    –      Involvement of community members in local decision making initiatives (setting priorities, lobbying etc)
    –      Community mobilization strategies
    –      Successful local participatory planning initiatives in regions other than those selected
  • To collect data through face to face interviews with local authorities as well as Roma and Egyptian NGOs, activists in the three regions with the view of assessing their training needs
  • To analyze the information and data collected and prepare the training modules tailored as per the needs of local authorities and Roma/Egyptian communities
  • To assist local elders and community counselling forums in drafting Roma/Egyptian Community Development Plans as per the local needs aligned with regional and national priorities and in coordination with other related initiatives
  • To provide guidance and assist local authorities (elders, planning and budgeting departments in three regions) to reflect the Roma/Egyptian community development plans in the annual municipal/communal planning and budgets
  • To finalize a consolidated guideline on local planning and Roma/Egyptian community participation with relevant case studies from the process of developing Roma/Egyptian Community Development Plans from the three regions to be utilized by local authorities and Roma/Egyptian community counselling forums.