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Conference Conclusions: Role of Religion in the Western Balkans’ Societies | July 2019

Summary of the conference proceedings 

The regional conference organised on 11 and 12 June 2019 offered a unique opportunity to discuss among religious leaders, politicians, academia and civil society leaders of the region, how we can enhance societal and policy mechanisms to be better prepared for a proper approach towards future challenges in our multi-ethnic region. This helps the preservation and strengthening of the added value of religion to the welfare, social cohesion, development and prosperity in the Western Balkan countries.

In addition to the Conference Volume, which contains country snapshots for each of the Western Balkan countries, an elite survey report and five papers delivered to the conference, the organisers prepared a Conference Proceedings report. This report contains summaries of the impulse speeches and captures the discussions that followed after the presentations of the papers that were delivered to the conference.

Click to download the conference proceedings (in English).

Click to download the conference proceedings (in Albanian).

This conference was organised in the framework of the Project “Exploring the role of Religion in the Western Balkan societies” with the support of a grant of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded in the framework of the Human Rights Fund. The objectives, proper implementation and results of this project constitute responsibility for the implementing organization – Institute for Democracy and Mediation.

Any views or opinions presented in this project are solely those of the implementing organisation and do not necessarily represent those of the Dutch Government.