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Community Magazine: Empowering Civil Society in Rural & Remote Areas

“Community Magazine” is published by Institute for Democracy and Mediation ( IDM ), in the frame of the project “Empowering Civil Society in Rural & Remote Areas”, supported by UNDP. This periodical is published every 3 months as per the duration of the project and in addition to the activities of this project, it contains information on the situation and perspectives of civil society in different regions in Albania. The magazine aims not only to be a window of communication between the public and civil society organizations, but at the same time also give voice to the problems, the difficulties faced by the latter. Available only in Albanian.

Revista Komunitare Nr.1

Revista Komunitare Nr.2

Revista Komunitare Nr.3

Revista Komunitare Nr.4

Revista Komunitare Nr.5

Revista Komunitare Nr.6