LGID Publications

Policy Paper: Rural Development as a cross-sector approach and implications for Albania  

This document will serve to the ongoing efforts to intensify development in rural areas through a multi- dimensional approach. It provides a comprehensive approach to the current situation in rural areas in Albania, takes into consideration existing opportunities, suggests actions to address the problems, identifies priorities where possible and recommends …

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Regional Best Practices on Community Participation in the Local Governance Decision-Making Process

Institute for Democracy and Mediation has been for a long time working closely with local government and civic structures throughout Albania struggling to promote participatory governance at the local level. Following the preparation of a particular theoretical and operational foundation for the elaboration of specific schemes of community mobilization through …

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Challenges & opportunities of integrated rural development and regional development policies in the border regions of Korca and Shkodra

The study is one of the outcomes of the joint project between IDM and the European Movement in Albania (EMA) focusing on the assessment of the current cross-border cooperation context – challenges, incentives and opportunities – in the bordering areas of Shkodra and Korca with the purpose to identify advantageous …

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