CESA Publications

Gender mainstreaming in the security sector through education: the case of the Albanian Police Academy Curriculum

Abstract  International commitments together with local developments have made gender issues rise up the Albanian development agenda, and the security sector is expected to follow this trend. Mainstreaming gender through education is one approach that could be used in this sector as well as in other spheres. Assessing the case …

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Anti-Corruption Reloaded

Anti-Corruption Reloaded Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) is an anti-corruption and good governance initiative created by CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. SELDI contributes to a dynamic civil society in the region, capable of participating in public debate and …

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An assessment of Albanian elites’ perceptions on national security threats, risks and strategy

The study and analysis of the perceptions of local elite’s representatives aims to give a valuable contribution to the process and work of policy-making institutions. In addition, this study will serve to help establishing a thorough process and benchmarks that would lead to improved processes of drafting, reviewing, implementation and …

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Civil-Military Relations : An Unfinished Business

This publication includes the proceedings of the national conference “Democratic Control and Civil-Military Relations: Still an Unfinished Business” organized by Centre for European and Security Affairs (Institute for Democracy and Mediation) on 20-21 November 2009. This publication in the Albanian language includes all presentations/panel reports and studies, while the English part of the book includes …

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