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Oops… EU did it again| March 2019

Oops… EU did it again Author: Gjergji Vurmo Civil society activists and the general public in the western Balkans (WB) have voiced their discontent regarding the rise of authoritarianism and state capture in the recent years. However, the European Union (EU), which plays an important role in the region, has …

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Blog Post | Terrorism-reporting in Western Balkans

Terrorism-reporting in Western Balkans By Leonie Rakaj – Vrugtman, IDM Researcher 11 October 2018 – We all remember it as if it happened yesterday. Breaking News and interrupted TV programs, as New York’s World Trade Center towers were attacked. In awe of shock and unbelief those who were not watching …

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Blog Post | Albania and the Geopolitics of the TAP

Albania and the Geopolitics of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline: Regional and Domestic Dimensions September 2018 – The Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) initiative was launched by the European Union (EU) in 2008 with the aim of developing a new supply route for Caspian and Middle Eastern gas to European markets and reducing the …

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Vetting to Deliver Police Integrity

Vetting to Deliver Police Integrity *This article was firstly published at POINTPULSE portal on April 2018. Author: Redion Qirjazi The Albanian Ministry of Interior (MoI) published in September 2017 a document on 10 priorities in the field of public order and security for the next four years. Re-evaluating about 13.000 employees in the …

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