CESA Activities

Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in Western Balkans

International Conference – December 2nd 2011 – The Clingendael Institute – Hague – Netherlands IDM senior researcher Arjan Dyrmishi, participated in the International Conference “Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in Western Balkans” organized by the Clingendael Institute in Hague. This conference aimed at contributing to cross-national learning between states as well as …

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Panel discussion: Challenges to enforce aligned legislation in Albania

23 November 2011, Hotel Tirana International Center for European and Security Affairs (IDM) organized the Panel Discussion “Challenges to Enforce Aligned Legislation in Albania”. This meeting gathered a carefully selected audience of institutional representatives, public and private interest groups, civil society experts, media, academia to discuss on the problems of the …

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Monitoring the Activity of the Parliamentary Committee of European Integration and Parliamentary Committee of National Security

23 September 2011 – Hotel “Rogner Europa Park” The work of the Albanian Parliamentary Committees on European Integration and on National Security during January – June 2011 have been in the focus of an IDM monitoring initiative, aiming to contribute towards greater accountability, transparency and efficiency of parliamentary scrutiny and …

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Security sector reform in Albania: Challenges and failures since the collapse of communism

Institute for European Policy, published the report “Democracy Delayed: Obstacles in Political Transition Security sector reform in Albania: Challenges and failures since the collapse of communism”. This is a compilation of reports on democracy reforms in the countries in transition such as Albania, Georgia, Belaurus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Kirgystan and lessons …

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Enforcing aligned legislation in Albania – IDM presents its policy research findings to EU institutions

International Conference – Brussels: 5th – 9th of September 2011 IDM, in the framework of a regional program of the German Council of Foreign Relations supporting civil society involvement in EU accession reforms and processes representatives, presented the research findings to senior officials of EU institutions from 5th – 9th of September 2011 (Brussels). The …

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