Armela Xhaho

Armela Xhaho
Programme Manager (PhD Candidate)

Armela Xhaho is a researcher and project manager and her main interests are gender, migration, social inclusion, organised crime and good governance.

Before joining IDM, Armela worked as a PhD Research fellow at the UNYT research centre, coordinating all research activities and the ongoing field work with labour migrants and policy stakeholders in Greece, Germany and Switzerland. At the UNYT research centre she wrote (policy) research papers, reports and coordinated scientific related activities.

Moreover, Armela has over 8 years of experience in civil society sector and project cycle management. She has developed robust competencies in coordinating national and multi-stakeholder research projects and conferences, with solid experience in fundraising process, capacity building, quantitative and qualitative (applied) research, data processing and analysis. In addition, she has experience as a (guest) lecturer on social sciences courses, scientific board member, and local expert on issues related to migration, gender, social inclusion and transparency.

Currently, Armela is a PhD Research Fellow on gender and migration studies at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. She holds a MA in Gender Studies, a scholarship awarded from Central European University, Budapest and BA with honours in Psychology from University of New York Tirana/ State University of New York.

Languages: Albanian (native); English (fluently); Italian (average); French (basic).


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