Departmenti CESA

About CESA (Center for European & Security Affairs)

CESA aims to improve governance and reform processes in the areas of security and European integration process. The Center generates and shares knowledge through comprehensive research, advocacy, capacity building and through encouraging critical thinking. CESA focuses particular attention to national and regional initiatives aiming to develop sound institutional capacities and qualitative human resources that will serve to contemporary challenges for reform. CESA’s activities are conducted by an experienced team dedicated to promote excellence of research, studies and evidence-based policy options.


CESA’s activities are carried out by experienced researchers and experts in an effort to promote excellence of research, studies, and policy options relative to “Europeanization” reforming efforts in the country. The strategic programming of the Center’s work is driven by the highlights and challenges of key developments in the respective focus areas that are shaped and further elaborated by CESA’s team in cooperation with IDM senior staff and associates as well.