Sotiraq Hroni 

Sotiraq Hroni 
Executive Director

Sotiraq Hroni, former Albanian diplomat and adviser to the Albanian Prime Minister in 1997 and to the President of the Republic until end of 1999, is the founder and executive director since 2000 of the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, a non-profit organization in Tirana, Albania.

His main responsibility has been overall management and development of the organization. He has also led organization’s efforts to build efficient cooperation and partnerships with public and private institutions, networking and fundraising. His continuous commitments stand with offering relevance to IDM’s strategic development with country’s development priorities.

Mr. Hroni’s leadership over the years has helped the organization secure an important position in the civil society sector in Albania.  IDM is widely accepted and recognised for its professional performance, integrity and independence among different societal actors in Albania.

He has also led IDM to become a substantial member of different regional networks and cooperation platforms.

Through the direct involvement of its executive Director, IDM is developing quite consolidated portfolio of different projects, monitoring reports, policy analysis and different studies on anti-corruption and integrity building.

He drafted a Normative Act that was signed in April 2002 by the Minister of Public Order and the Minister of Local Government to improve the accountability of Albanian State Police to locally elected government. He has also developed different innovative initiatives (some of them appear in laws and different government Acts) to improve governance in different areas such as crime prevention, community empowerment, unions’ development, anti-corruption, civil society development etc.).

Mr. Hroni writes periodically op-eds at Albanian press and media. He is fluent in English and has good knowledge of Greek.