Monitoring the Decentralization Process

IDM has made significant contribution towards monitoring of decentralization processes in Albania, through its efforts to contribute to the consolidation of the interaction between local government and central institutions at local level. IDM has been monitoring the decentralization process and its direct impact on local government structures and communities. Questionnaires, polls, focus group discussions and surveys have been carried out that resulted in analytical reports and recommendations for improvement for beneficiary institutions. Examples include: “Moving Towards Consolidated Interactions between the Local Government and Central Institutions at Local Level” – a research study carried out by a team of IDM and IDRA experts on monitoring and assessment of the cooperation between local government and central institutions at local level in areas such as environment, civil registry, education, public security, water supply, etc. (2008) “Towards a Community Active in Governance” – an IDM survey analyzing the decentralization process as seen from the perspective of the decision-making structures and that of community. (2002)