Center for European and Security Affairs

The Center for European and Security Affairs (CESA) represents the Institute’s specialized department in the domain of European and security issues. Its mission is to advance European and security studies, research and analysis related to key reforming processes thus encouraging both informed debate and improved processes.

The Center gives particular attention to national efforts and regional initiatives aiming to develop sound institutional capacities and quality human resources that will serve contemporary challenges for reform, integration processes and cooperation through an educational and problem-solving approach.

CESA main areas of focus:

  • European Integration Process
  • Good Governance in Security Sector
  • Monitoring and capacity building of SSI (including Parliament)
  • Policy development to improve governance of the sector
  • Transparence and Accountability
  • Integrity Building of police and Armed forces
  • Anticorruption
  • Human resource Development
  • Conflict of Interest


CESA’s activities are carried out by experienced researchers and experts in an effort to promote excellence of research, studies, and policy options relative to “Europeanization” reforming efforts in the country. The strategic programming of the Center’s work is driven by the highlights and challenges of key developments in the respective focus areas that are shaped and further elaborated by CESA’s team in cooperation with IDM senior staff and associates as well.




Arjan Dyrmishi (MA) – Head of CESA




Dr. Foto Duro – Senior Expert


Elira Hroni



Elira Hroni, MA – Researcher




Besjana Kuçi – Project Coordinator


Gentiola Madhi, MA and MSc - Researcher


Associates & experts

  • Mariola Qesaraku (MA)
  • Besnik Baka (MA)
  • Eranda Gjomema, PhD
  • Ilir Kalemaj, PhD
  • Ketrina Çabiri
  • Dorian Jano (PhD)
  • Ketrina Çabiri (PhD Candidate)
  • Members of Security Management Network (LINK)