Trust in Governance

Public Opinion Poll: Trust in Governance The Opinion Poll “Trust in Governance” explores public perceptions on trust in institutions, transparency and accountability, corruption, citizen engagement in policy and decision-making, satisfaction with public service delivery, and enforcement of non-discriminatory laws and policies. It is based on a similar methodology, survey instrument …

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Call for Granting: Capacity Building and Advocacy Grant Program for sustainable rural development in the Western Balkans

Network for Rural Development of Serbia, on behalf of consortium of partners: Development Foundation of Turkey, Turkey; Network For Rural Development of Montenegro; Network for Rural Development of Macedonia; Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Institue for Democacy and Mediation, Albania; Network of Organisation for Rurad Development of …

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THIRRJA E PARË PËR PJESËMARRJE PËR PROJEKTIN – Instrumenti i Shoqërisë Civile kundër Korrupsionit – CIVILISC Institute për Demokraci dhe Ndërmjetësim (IDM) publikon Thirrjen e Parë për Pjesëmarrje, në kuadër të projektit “CIVILISC-Instrumenti i Shoqërisë Civile kundër Korrupsionit”, financuar nga Bashkimi Evropian (nën Instrumentin e Ndihmës për Shoqërinë Civile -Iniciativa Qytetare dhe …

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