RDC Projects

Advocacy for Open Government: civil society agenda-setting and monitoring of country action plans

Duration: Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 to Sunday, 30 November, 2014 Project Description:  The objective is to increase transparency and integrity in government, enhance public participation and accountability, generate more effective policymaking, eg. public service delivery, and empower CSOs to monitor open government and protect advocates for open government, e.g. whistleblowers. This …

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Balkan Civil Society Acquis – Strengthening the Advocacy and Monitoring Potential and Capacities of CSOs

Duration: 1 December, 2012 to 30 November, 2014 Project Description:  This project aims to strengthen foundations for monitoring and advocacy on issues related to enabling environment and sustainability of civil society at regional and country level. The project is being implemented simultaneously in the countries of Western Balkans and Turkey by …

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Assisting the Evaluation of Two Components of the Albania Threshold Program (Stage II)

Duration: 29 June, 2012 Project Description:  In the framework of  Albania Threshold Program (ATP)  of the “Millennium Challenge Corporation” (MCC – US Government Agency), IDM will assist the evaluation of Stage II in relation to ATP assistance for urban planning reform and strengthening civil society in its anticorruption advocacy efforts. Ending in 2011, ATP’s …

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