Latest Projects

Addressing the Challenges for Paving the Future to Regional Confidence Building

Departament:  CESA When:  Monday, 1 March, 2004 to Saturday, 30 April, 2005 Project Description:  Partners: Forum for Ethnic Relation (Belgrade), Kosovo Action for Civil Initiative (Kosovo/UNMIK), Centre for Tolerance and Dialogue (Podgorica) and Euro-Balkan Institute (Skopje) Area: Albania, Kosovo/UNMIK, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia Donor: Balkan Trust for Democracy, Kosovo Foundation for …

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For an active community in governance

Departament: LGID When: Monday, 1 July, 2002 to Sunday, 11 August, 2002 Project Description:  Area: Albania Donor: Royal Norwegian Embassy IDM conducted a survey of public opinion about citizen’s participation in governance and decision-making and public perceptions about the local government. Two questionnaires were distributed to structured samples of citizens …

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Developing Grass Root Democracy

Departament:  LGID When:  Saturday, 1 June, 2002 to Saturday, 31 May, 2003 Project Description:  Area: Bajram Curri, Laç Donors: US Embassy; EIDHR program of the European Union delegation Through public meetings in three neighborhoods of Bajram Curri and other three in Lac, IDM, supported by the respective municipalities, encouraged a …

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Forum of Candidates

Departament:  LGID When:  Monday, 1 May, 2000 to Tuesday, 31 October, 2000 Project Description:  Area: Nine municipalities in Albania Donor: Embassy of Untied States, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, British Embassy Because of its novelty in the Albanian political culture and the impact, this project remains one of the symbols for …

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