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Presentation of the assessment report CIVILISC Project – Shijak Municipality

Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) presented in Shijak the findings of the report “Challenges of Local Government Units in the Fight Against Corruption”, which has been prepared in framework of the project “CIVILISC- Civil Society Instruments against Corruption”, funded by the European Union.  This discussing meeting gathered various representatives …

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Tirana FLET!

Tirana FLET! Mbështetuar financiarisht nga programi LëvizAlbania. Kohëzgjatja: 12 muaj/ 2016-2017 Tirana FLET! adreson kërkesën ekskluzive për organizim komunitar (zgjedhje e këshillave komunitarë në minizona urbane) në bazë të iniciativës qytetare që nenet 68&69 në Ligjin e ri të Vetqeverisjes vendore parashtrojnë. Qëllimi: Zhvillimi i demokracisë pjesëmarrëse dhe mirëqeverisjes lokale …

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Promoting Labour Standards in Albania

Donor: Olof Palme International Center Duration: 12 months Programme Objective: Contribute towards the achievement of the Decent Work Agenda by promoting and supporting multi-stakeholder cooperation, nurturing the Tripartism Plus principle for fostering protection of labour rights in Albania. Project objectives: Intermediate Objective 1: Develop a thorough understanding on the current …

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Building integrity in Albania’s security sector through strengthened financial oversight

IDM’s Center for European and Security Affairs (CESA) has started the implementation of a one year project “Building integrity in Albania’s security sector through strengthened financial oversight”. This initiative is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina and is designed to contribute to building integrity and reducing corruption …

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Project Citizen against Corruption 2016

Project dates: 1 December 2015 – 31 August 2016 “Project Citizen against Corruption 2016” intends to increase awareness among younger generations about corruption, but also to educate them to become active fighters against this negative phenomenon which threatens the very existence of a democratic society. The ultimate result is to mould …

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