IDM Departments

RDC Department

About Research and Development Center (RDC) RDC aims to promote evidence-based policy-making, foster scientific research, socio-economic development and uphold civil society progress. The Center consists of a core team and pools of experts who develop program activities and joint research initiatives in cooperation with academic and research institutions in the region …

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LGID Department

About Local Governance and Integrated Development (LGID) LGID contributes towards sustainable development and social cohesion through supporting good governance, consolidation of local democracy and empowering local communities and stakeholders. LGID works to promote citizen participation in local decision-making, to improve accountability of local governance, to build capacities and elaborate alternatives …

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CESA Department

About Center for European & Security Affairs (CESA) CESA aims to improve governance and reform processes in the areas of security and European integration process. The Center generates and shares knowledge through comprehensive research, advocacy, capacity building and through encouraging critical thinking. CESA focuses particular attention to national and regional …

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