Albana Hasmeta

Albana Hasmeta 
Project Officer

Albana Hasmeta works as a Project Officer for the Local Governance and Integrated Development department. Besides organising events and activities for projects, Albana provides administrative support and liaises with stakeholders according to project’s relevance. As IDM is currently the leading organisation of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD), Albana’s work centres around the Network’s projects and activities. Her main interests include community mobilization, research and rural youth empowerment.

Albana has been actively engaged in initiatives that empower youth. For two years she served as the president of Albanian Youth Steps in Europe (AYSE) organisation, where she was active in peer education, organising local activities, and awareness-raising campaigns. Albana holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work Services and a BA in Social Work, both from the University of Tirana.

Albana is fluent in Albanian, English and Italian, and speaks German at a basic level.