Institute for Democracy and Mediation


The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) is an independent non-governmental organization founded in November 1999 in Tirana, Albania. It works to strengthen the Albanian civil society, to monitor, analyze, and facilitate the Euro-Atlantic integration processes of the country and to help consolidate the good governance and inclusive policymaking. IDM carries on its objectives through expertise, innovative policy research, analysis, and assessment-based policy options.

IDM’s choice of activities to achieve its strategic objectives is an effort to go beyond simple one-time delivery projects. They form part of a continuing struggle to strengthen shared values and efficient interactions across the broad spectrum of political and non-political actors in Albania. IDM is dedicated to developing a profound understanding of contemporary challenges so as to shape sustainable reforming strategies and public policies in key socio-economic and political development pillars and to advance regional cost-effective approaches in support of crosscutting cooperation initiatives of key actors based on comprehensive research, policy assessment and multifaceted analysis.

These guiding principles and objectives represent the foundation of our mission, on which IDM forms the framework of its program priorities, shapes the results of its work, and drives the services and contribution to civil society efforts. IDM structure consists of Executive Management Office, three core departments/program areas as well as Admin and Finance Unit.


Executive Management Office




Sotiraq Hroni – Executive Director





Gjergji Vurmo – Program Director


IDM Department/Program Areas

  Centre for European and Security Affairs



  Local Governance and Integrated Development



  Research and Innovation Initiative



Administrative and Support Unit




Denisa Shabani – Head of Finance Unit





 Brixhilda Halilaj – Finance officer


 Durim Tabaku – IT

Ardjan Ustaj – Driver and logistics